2016 Illinois National Team Second Chance Qualifier

When: Saturday, June 4th
Where: Sycamore High School (Click for map)
555 Spartan Trail
Eligibility: Illinois residents only.
Wrestlers must hold a current USA Wrestling athlete membership.
Any Cadet or Junior wrestler who HAS NOT qualified to represent Team Illinois at the Cadet/Junior National Championships.
Age Groups: Junior and Cadet only.
Click Age & Weights in the navigation bar for divisions and weights.
Entry Fee: $25
Registration: Onsite only, must have a current USA Wrestling Athlete Membership to register.
Restrictions: Wrestlers must choose a style, they CANNOT compete in both the Freestyle Second Chance Qualifier and the Greco-Roman Second Chance Qualifier.
Coaching: All coaches are required to hold a current USA Wrestling coach's membership.
Rules: UWW with USA Wrestling Modifications.
Uniforms: All wrestlers are required to compete with a RED and a BLUE singlet (reversible singlet is allowed).
Two-piece singlets ARE NOT allowed per USA Wrestling by-laws.
Weigh-ins: Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman: 7 to 8 am
Cadet Freestyle and Greco-Roman: 11 am to 12 pm
Wrestling: Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman: 9 am to conclusion
Cadet Freestyle and Greco-Roman: Approximately 1 pm to conclusion (Cadet competition will begin after the Junior competition has been completed).
Format: Mini-tournament: Vertical Pairing
Challenge tournament: Best 2 out of 3
The 3rd place finisher from the state tournament wrestles the winner of a mini-tournament in a best 2 of 3 format.
If a given weight class is "OPEN" the winner of the mini-tournament claims the final spot on the national team.
Note: If a 3rd place finisher from the Freestyle or Greco-Roman State Championships changes weight classes, that weight class becomes OPEN and he will wrestle in the mini-tournament of the weight class he is entered at. Also, if the 3rd place finisher doesn't show up, that weight class becomes OPEN.
3rd place finishers from the Freestyle and Greco-Roman State Championships.
Cadet Junior
Greco-Roman Freestyle Greco-Roman Freestyle