National Team Coaching Staff

The Vice-President of Freestyle/Greco-Roman, the Director of Freestyle/Greco-Roman Operations, the Director of Women's Freestyle, the Director of Men's Freestyle, and the Director of Greco-Roman will choose the coaching staffs for all National Dual Teams (14U, 16U, and USA Junior) and the USA Junior and 16U Nationals Championships. These selections will be chosen from a pool of coaches that meet the criteria established by the Board of Directors.

Once a coach has met the requirements, this does not guarantee that they will be chosen to serve on any coaching staff that is sent with teams.

Criteria for the Coach's Pool:

The Directors will add the following to the Coach's Pool upon request:

Removal from the Coach's Pool may occur if a coach is ejected or displays unprofessional behaviors during local tournaments, regional tournaments, or national tournaments.